Global Printer Manufacturers – Customer Cashback


We were asked to develop a promotion management system with multi-territory and language capabilities able to support multiple cashback and gift reward mechanics, across EMEA.

The platform needed the client to be able to create additional promotions; each with variable criteria including promotional product(s), date range, proof of purchase, approved retailers and reward type.

APIs were required to allow fulfilment, reporting, customer service and verification for a number of third parties.


This was a great project.  We created the digital solution, from customer claim forms and emails, through to sending data to third party fulfilment partners. It was particularly cool building the ‘self-service’ setup feature so that we could pass the setup baton to the client.


We developed a sophisticated, secure digital platform incorporating:

  • Multi-lingual claim submission website with image upload
  • Automated claim validation to predefined criteria
  • Manual claim verification feature
  • Automated customer claim status updates
  • Multi-lingual customer emails
  • API stack
  • Platform access controlled by user groups
  • Campaign dashboard and web-based bespoke management information reporting
  • Self-service campaign setup
  • Bi-market configurable campaigns