Care2Save – Bentley by Me


The client wanted a way to sell raffle tickets worldwide, both online and offline.

We were brought in early to this campaign due to its complexity.  We worked alongside the client’s lead digital agency, to decide the best fit of skills to meet the challenges of the project.  Following the consultation phase our role was to build a platform that could manage online and office competition entries.  Alongside this we were also asked to provide the following solutions:

  • Draw management
  • Supply data for gift fulfilment
  • Email distribution
  • Detailed bespoke reporting


This was a great promotion to be involved in because it was for a good cause.  It also allowed us to demonstrate the advantages of using our Promotigo marketing platform, which enabled multiple entry routes to be reported in one place.

Firstly we built a platform for hospices to capture offline entries.  Behind the scenes we used rules to determine the number of entries each person qualified for, based on their donation amount, and fed that data directly into Promotigo.

We then worked directly with the lead digital agency to setup an API to Promotigo to receive the online entries, which had already had the entry number rules applied.  Then, for the final entry route we created an import feature for bulk offline entries to be uploaded.

The Promotigo dashboard was then customised to meet the reporting requirements of this promotion.


This competition was verging on being a Full Monty; it had it all:

  • Secure entry platform
  • Entry API
  • Data import and export
  • Email setup and broadcasts
  • Rules engine
  • Promotigo dashboard and web-based bespoke management information reporting