The Sweet Sound of a Bose Cashback


Premium audio company Bose asked us devise and manage a cashback initiative for its desirable mini speakers. It needed to run across 13 countries and in nine languages.

Consumers who purchased Bose mini speakers needed a platform to submit their cashback claim and bank details. The claim would need to be validated before a direct fund transfer was authorised, which demanded intelligent systems to catch duplicates and help automate the validation process. And a secure API to the payment provider.


We built a web microsite platform to present T&Cs and FAQs, with a pre-populated form to make it easy for purchasers to stake their claim. We also implemented a manual validation procedure to support the automation. Cashback promotions can cause havoc by overloading an organisation’s customer support teams. Bose wanted to avoid that. So we sorted it by creating a smart online ‘Track Your Claim’ mechanism. Claimants and Bose support staff could log in to see the claim status.


We developed an end-to-end system to manage claims and authorise cashback payments that included:

  • Multi-lingual claim submission microsite
  • Automated claim processing & validation
  • Secure API to payment providers
  • Online claim status check for customers
  • Special status access for Bose support agents


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