Universal Studios – Fifty Shades of Grey


Wednesday afternoon, phone rings, “We need to run a competition in four countries, local languages, the sites are running on Tumbler. It’s for a film premier on Friday!”.

The platform needed to accommodate entries from the UK, France, Germany and Spain and group them by country prior to the prize draws.


We relish a challenge and with the clock ticking on this campaign, we set about building a platform based on the brief.

A user friendly site was created which supported the multi-territory requirement, where entrants could submit their details to the prize draw.  Once built we connected the entries to Promotigo which provided the compliant draw management and 24/7 dashboard reporting.


This utilised our Promotigo platform to provide a simple form widget which was embedded into each of their sites. This only required simple access to the CMS platform to paste in the one line of HTML and away they went.

  • Multi-lingual entry submission site
  • Rules engine
  • Draw management
  • Promotigo dashboard reporting


The competition ran in France, German, Spain and the UK, the competition was a great success with over 35K entries. The platform handled at the peak 174 entries in a single second with the busiest hour seeing almost 3000 entries.