McDonald’s UK – Monopoly Prize Choice


The client needed a central management system for online and offline entries to the McDonalds Monopoly competition.

Our proposal to provide the “back office” solution for the UK 2016 online game met all the agency requirements.  These were to build and manage a code database; host and manage the winning moments and develop numerous APIs linking the customer-facing redemption management tool to the highly secure game engine.


This was the biggest project (so far) for Code String; as well as being the biggest promotion in the UK.

The detail that went in to the planning, documentation, set-up, build, testing and integration was incredible, but absolutely essential to deliver a robust, secure and flexible solution.


This project was already huge but we recommended several additional elements, as well as suggesting improvements on previous years’ campaigns.  Our involvement grew as the project developed due to our innovative thinking and all-round technical ability.

  • Infrastructure
    • Multi-server load balanced API endpoints
    • Servers scaled to cope with peak capacity of 17 transactions second for a period of 8 hours
    • Multi-layered hosting to create super secure zones
    • MS SQL Enterprise Edition used to provide on the wire decryption
    • Load tested with 8 million transactions
  • Security
    • Data encryption at rest.
    • Live server access restricted to a single internal device, which required dual authorisation by client.
    • All endpoints restricted by IP addresses
    • External code audit
    • Winning moments one-way hashed to prevent internal fraud
    • Penetration testing
  • Secure Client Interface
    • Dashboard – live entry, winners, players, claims stats
    • Multiple (real-time) reports available to export
    • Image moderation
    • Employee check system
    • Customer Service – providing a full history of all online game activity
    • Restaurant activation function
    • Client provided with access to live system health check, including search log function